Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Separating Man From the Platonic Solids (earth, air, water, and fire)

And let's toss in the general category of food.

Notice your right to a "fire" is extremely limited these days?  Caveman had more right.

Notice that public water supplies are corrupted with the cancer causing hexaflouride?  If you don't drink that, you drink water out of oil-based containers from big companies.  Sounds smart..

Notice the airplanes above you shooting lines of exhaust that spread in the wind to form sheets?  Did you see those when you were a child?  What necessitated such a thing?  If the government/military had no problems experimenting on masses 50+ years ago, what do they do now given the erosion in rights: The Unknown Chemical Testing in St. Louis on the Masses

Notice the food seed supply is controlled by a single company Monsanto, the same company that brought you agent-orange.  So, any bug that bites the leaf of this plant dies?  Wow, let's feed the cows and people it!!  Sounds smart..  Notice everyone buys these branded man-made foods and not the raw produce direct from farmer's?  Man cheats in everything, esp. when it comes to soulless for-profit businesses where volume boosts the bottom-line - they bulk up sales by diluting the essential ingredients.  Taste tests say it's a go!!  Sweeet..ka-ching!

Notice the earth is being hydro-fracked across the land, cracking and injecting an array of chemicals far below ground resulting in poisoning of the water tables and earthquakes.  Sounds smart.

Notice the sharp rise in allergies?  New weird diseases?  Dying off of bees, bats, more fish-kills and weird sink-holes?

Notice that big companies/pharma are always there "with the answer" for allergies, for pesticides, for stress-induced diseases?

Notice that the value of the dollar isn't quite what it used to be?  Notice wage increases still suck while the price of everything continues to rise?  (even when the underlying commodity falls?).

Every had a sneaking suspicion that maybe someone is at war with the very fundamental things that make up your life?  See how they alter the environment to make you lethargic, tired, and therefore less likely to care about these things happening?  Especially if done slowly over a long-period of time?  The old boiled frog analogy comes to mind.  Notice the intense theatrics to keep you occupied and entertained despite your weakened state?  The material garbage that you buy from foriegn countries?  The stupid complete waste of time reality TV shows.  Notice how much time you spend "not moving"?  Everything is in motion, think of nature at the cellular level, the animal kingdom, the stars, the universe.  If it is not moving, it is dead and decaying.  Stand up, move, be productive.

Not only is this a physical campaign against the people, it is a mental one - to create a state of fear and stress, which compounds the weakening on the people. Sure some poisons will kill you on the spot but stress is the only one that will kill you over a long-period of time and leave you scratching your head as to the source (a plethora of variant diseases fester and so obfuscate the root cause).

It is a multi-front decentralized war that renders the victim unable of pointing their finger at a single thing. We think the new war is about Star Wars stuff, or cyberwars, or old-fashioned bombs like in Iraq/Afgan./Libya/etc...this is true but the real new war is what I described above. Toss in control of the media/information, more political theatrics to keep people entertained/talking, etc.

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