Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Different Way to Look at Overpopulation

We all know what the media says, no reason to go into detail but briefly: I have seen the presentations/graphs showing the logrithmic growth of humans over time.  I see that the current ways won't work for long.  Left unchecked, the worse-case scenarios are "in play".  At what point will humanity have had enough pain that they bypass the ego/caveman ways and change.  This higher consciousness is already available, it's just dormant in most.  We can mitigate (well, lengthen) our own colony collapse.  We need to take a few steps backwards so we can move forward.

I am in the extremely dense south east asia (Philippines) - we have almost 100 million people crammed on a few thousand islands with a total area equal to the state of Arizona.  On top of that, most live along the coastal areas - the mountains are largely raw.  So the population density, if we looked at coastal areas and population are off the chart.

"Poverty", as defined by Western statistics, is everywhere.  But what statistics don't capture is the level of production created by self-reliance and creativity of the individual.  Most adults here make less than $3 per day and have many more children than Westerner's, yet people are far more cheery here and press on.  What gives?  And why are these people so insanely spiritual (although, in my opinion, intentionally misled by foreigner's for self-gain).

So the perception is they survive but have a much lower quality of life (again as defined by Western "standards"/statistics) but again I find lots to contradict this common thought.  It is being driven by top-down approach defining what it is that makes one's life of a higher quality.  Overtime, repeated enough, the message becomes assimilated throughout, and a way of life is born - however faulty.  It plays on human emotions and tendancy to think short-term - their inability to judge time.  It is, in sum, the "American Dream" - a cancerous way of thinking that is going global and laying waste everywhere it goes.

Example, I have a choice to take my kids to school by bicycle, motorcycle, or van.  Nearly everone at the school arrives in SUVs and vans, and there is a universal bewilderment as to why I choose to bike.  We use the motorcycle if we have errands/work on the farm or the van as a last resort or if have errands that require it.  Statistics can't capture the benefits I realize 4 times per day from riding bike:
The slow speeds that allow: longer conversations with by kids and passer-by's; mitigate chance of accidents; increased sun exposure (underappreciated!).
The manual power that: substitutes a finite resource; improves my health; earns me respect amongst the heavily crowded streets I ride.

Statistics can't capture this stuff and it has escaped our conscious.  Some will say that's nice but you have the others - yes, but whenever possible (ask my wife, she get's annoyed at times), I/we bike.  The main point is to beware statistics.  Beware those in suits.

Despite the numbers, the land here is hardly farmed.  We can support much greater numbers.  The problem, IMO, is short-sighted "American dream" mentality spread invasively through free money to anyone willing to sign the dotted line.  This is the unsustainable bubble, not the people themselves.  But this, in my opinion, is another man-made problem as described above regarding the purposeful crafting of the general pyschology of people using advanced techniques.  Free energy is very real but not allowed - I think they are scared and still trying to figure how to manage it (maintain their hold on people).  Take this out of the equation and a whole new world is unveiled.

The bubble, is that of ignorance!  We have a depression of leadership, of truth, of education that provides self-reliance.  Most education is directed towards your dependence on the system - increasing your ability to work with it (and relying on all the other parts of the system of personal needs, think about it: your food, your energy, your housing, your teachers/etc - everything, tapped into an unsustainable faulty way of life.  That is fine if it's energies are being directed towards good and at a time, I think that was the case but times have changed.  I don't think we point fingers and get angry.  We have to look inwards and drive change from the inside-out.

Take away the institutional high-quality of life and replace it with a higher personal quality of life.  That is what we must  do to mitigate the collision course we are on.

There is absolutely no problem in the U.S. except the state of minds of its leaders and to a lesser degree, the people.  The U.S., if they can adopt Eastern ways, can thrive to a degree currently hard to imagine.  We need to merge these largely polar opposite states of consciousness.

The hybrids will rule, but hopefully will use their power to lead, instead.  I don't think that is the case initially. Perhaps late in this century, we will reach a breaking point where drastic change is not an "odd alternative philosophy/thinking" but the only choice.  For now, the system - these cancerous ways - are not going away, they already have rooted here in the East and we're already starting to see the stress on systems.  For now, the system will get bigger (sorry Gold).

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