Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gold Fractals of 2002 and 2010

Gold 2002

Current Gold

More Pattern Analysis (take note of what Cotton did right before lauching - it *breaks* the uptrend)

Cotton 92-94 Diamond (chart from W. D. Gann materials)

Harmony Gold (HMY) Current Diamond

Also of Note: Merriman: "They may be advancing into the Mars direct period of March 10, a time that often coincides with explosive moves or reversals in many markets, like Gold."


Friday, February 26, 2010

Barkerville Gold Mines

Barkerville Gold Mines (BGM.V / BFMZF) was up sharply today on excellent volume.  Volume came in at 1.3 million shares.  Price hit key resistance early in the day at $1.05 (where it ended, +14%) - volume was only in the 400k area at the time.  That means nearly 1m shares turned over at the highs, which is a very good sign of shares moving into strong hands.

The company has been mining for 3 weeks and it would not be surprising to hear some news regarding the QR mill - possibly even news of pouring gold.

Also of note is the CEO continues to buy stock: Canadian Insider

I have purchases as posted at .69 and .8615 U.S. (BGMZF).


Other Notes
 * MAI.TO 55, 89, & 144 EMAs and price have converged.  The EMAs are about to "twist".  It should have bullish implications on price.
 * AUY needs to take out key resistance at 10.60.  I continue to hold April $12 calls @ .17.  AUY has earnings next Wednesday and if Newmont (NEM) is any indication, the numbers should be blowout.
 * Silver continues to outperform gold, indicating an appetite for risk/reward which should translate into outperformance by the higher risk/reward JPMs on the $CDNX.
 * The best moves come when both gold and the U.S. dollar move up in tandem (due to energy created by traders being caught in the wrong side of the market).


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Could the Mayan Calendar Provide Any Insight Into Stock Behavior?

$HUI (Gold Miners Index) With Mayan Calendar Overlay

$USD With Mayan Calendar Overlay

Observations of the dual polarity of the Philippines and America

Originally Written: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 12:47pm

Some thoughts over lunch....

There are aspects of the Philippines (as an example) that are far better than America's and vice-versa.

Most are intuitively aware of this but there is a quantam leap between a passive and active understanding of this duality. And yet another quantam leap to be able to ACT on it. Sort of like the guy sitting in his chair saying yup, another war and the guy suiting up to go into combat..

As world consciousness continues to unite (clearly happening, you ARE reading this on FACEBOOK), the unethical or unstainable aspects of any society will continued to be wiped out.

Philippines: the disgusting massacre in Maguindanao (which means New Mindanao, a reference of the Muslims desire to take back what they believe is theirs (I REALLY wish ALL religions in Mindanao would work together against their real enemy, UP IN MANILA)..yes Islam arrived in Mindanao first) against the women and media is a dispicable example. The people exhibiting this type of barbaric unfathomable arrogance will be destroyed by at very least the collective screams of the world.

America: Awareness of the Global Competitive Devaluation of Currencies taking place is increasing, spearheaded by the U.S. Dollar. Here, I'll trade you some trees (currency) for your human capital and natural resources/fossil fuels. It is only natural for this sort of arrangement to eventually go bad when you have a single country holding a monopoly on the reserve currency of the world. Martin Armstrong would say it's just a function of time and I would say, yes and it is measurable through the Mayan Calendar. A new basket of currencies/commodities will bring balance (and peace) to world trade, eventually (such that no single country will ever again be able to have such dominate power over people as the U.S. did). The Mayan Calendar will ensure the destruction and rebirth of the global trade system (among other things). In the 70s, inflation was isolated. Now it is global and therefore much much more serious this are and will continue to be the "go-to" investment for 7 more years.

If you've never had lasting experiences (long duration such that your old life is forgotten as I experienced...I became Filipino) then you aren't able to put this ying/yang duality together - to see it clearly. Cancun, Mexico doesn't count, nor Canada, nor any 2 week vacation anywhere. Shrooms and DMT won't work either. :) I have "been there and back" and am able to reflect on these experiences.

From seed to fruit Americans have matured/evolved into the most beautiful version of God's vision. And now what that we are mature fruit? Do we fold our arms, stomp our feet and demand to stay close to Mother? Falling at her feet only to rot?

No...our duty is to "let ourselves be eaten" so that Her seeds may be spread. In not so dramatic words (lol): to take the best of America and incorporate that into other worlds such that they too can enjoy the collective fruits of labor (sacrifice) of the American people. LEGACY

So get off your butt and get creating!!!
Thank you, Daghang salamat
The Golden Knight

The Speeding Up of Time -- Why?

Originally Written: Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 4:25pm

You feel it right? Time is speeding up. But how can that be? Our time system is based on the physical movement of objects, down to the second - measured in atomic vibrations.

So what can explain what I know to be true?

The answer is that evolution is speeding up. One of the main uses of the Mayan Calendar is to measure the speed at which evolution increases geometrically. But how do I "FEEL" it .. yes, we do. The energy is vibrating within us.

You may feel frustrated, very very frustrating even. It's because you are fighting it and/or are behind the curve. One key is to let go. The other key is to understand the mathematics and science behind what's happening. We fear what we don't understand. If we are prepared for a sudden change, or shock - we are not scared, we mentally going through our checklist of what to expect and prepare for the next sequence. The evolution of the world towards a united consciousness where we are truly free is unstoppable - many "clingers" will try to fight it all the way. Out with all that is old, unethical, unsustainable, and unable to adapt. In with new, that is YOU. There is a quantam leap of consciiousness in progress. You could call it a "phase shift", like when all of sudden water begins to boil and turns to steam.

DNA can change, if you pass energy through it. This is basic. Every 7 years, every cell in our body has been replaced. This is also basic science. So combine what is happening with these facts and think. Our cells are constantly being regenerated and there is this energy vibrating in throughout our bodies.

If it feels uncomfortable .. let go. If you are afraid of what's coming .. arm yourself with knowledge and understanding so you know what lies around the river bend.

The Greek God Chronos is referenced throughout the world, from a software programmer running jobs using Cron to aiding Kratos in God of War. Chronos is the world you are engrossed in, that has a grip on your body and mind. Please understand that there is a FAR more important way of measuring time than what we are taught to follow (the physical movement of arbitrary objects).

Kairos is far more important. It is measuring Divine time, or the geometric rate in which evolution, or growth of life occurs. It is what the Maya dedicated thousands of years studying and mastered.

You are here. At this location, at this time. But there is more to the orientation of your consciousness that you must become aware if you are to complete your duty - which is to find your place in this world and therefore happiness. The other elements you must come to grips with in addition to your location and time, is your Personal Intent - that is, why are you here. We are taught that everything is random, life is random, evolution is random. This permeates down into the core of our minds of how we view ourselves. I am random, I have no purpose. This is a LIE. We all have a purpose. You are not here randomly without purpose. Start here: XZone and then click on your Personality. What you find may astonish you, don't be afraid or skeptical. Next, you need to give in and accept that you are a part of a much bigger plan. God has a plan, a Divine Plan. Don't fight it, run with it. You think you have free will? Try to change. Seriously, try to change your life in any meaningful way? You can't. Accept it. Even I, who am far freer than most have no control. If you can master all of these areas than you will be on the right path - all ancient cultures studied the heck out of this. The Maya called it the "Eight Division Sky Place." Call it what you want, you will be filled with happiness when you find it. Nothing can bring you down..

I leave you with the words from The Hopi Indian tribe:

There is a river flowing very fast
It is so swift there are those who will be afraid
They will try to hold onto the shore
They will feel they are being torn apart
And will suffer greatly
Know that the river has a destination
The elders say we must let go of the shore
Push off into the middle of the river
And I say see who is in there with you and celebrate
At this time in history we are to take nothing personally
Least of all ourselves
For the moment we do our spiritual growth comes to a halt
The time of the lone wolf is over
Gather yourselves together, as we are tonight
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner
And in celebration
We are the ones we are waiting for

Thank you / Salamat,
The Golden Knight

edit: addition to the Hopi:

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living? What are you doing?
What are your relationships? Are you in right relation?
Where is your water? Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.
This could be a good time!

The Consequences of Breaking the Laws of Nature

Originally Written: Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 11:09am
There exists a natural hierarchy that promotes stability and harmony from the cellular level all the way up to the heavens. This natural order is tested from time to time and always reasserts itself. Despite the fact that natural law always wins, entities are always trying to break it.

Many many examples of this structure exist in our everyday life: child/parent, student/teacher, employee/company, politician/citizen, bank/society, cell/organ, organ/body, body/spirit, etc.

This complex web or taxonomy of life is the glue that holds it all together. When these relationships are tested (which is natural), a healthy action/reaction takes place that confirms natural law. What is dangerous is when the rebellion is so powerful and wide spread that it overpowers the natural state.

When this mutiny happens at the cellular level, it is called cancer. The cancer will spread until the host is dead and so too the cancer (and therefore once again natural law asserts itself - it always does one way or the other!). It takes an enormous amount of energy (chemotherapy, positive thought/will, medications, etc.) in order for the body to once again be in harmony - to overcome the cancer.

There are many types of cancer yet we almost always associate them with ourselves, physically. However, as typical to the fractal nature of life, the cancer that we fear is just one of thousands that exist - each having very similar traits. Even more dangerous than physical cancer, is that of the mind, spirit, and society. When this type of cancer spreads throughout a people, the same principles apply as to that of organ cancer. The host will perish unless natural order is reasserted, which we know requires tremendous energy.

Notice in my examples above I listed the relationship of politician/citizen? This is the correct order, but in today's society isn't it odd that most people view it the other way around? Same is true for bank/society. Who is serving who? Who exists because of who? What has happened such that the relationships have inverted?

What I have written so far, may seem very much like common sense. However, if it is so simple - all just common sense, how come we sit idly by watching it happen? Does that not imply that we too, are part of the cancer? Does inaction make us as guilty as those who originated these crimes?

Hmm. :)

Thank you, Salamat
The Golden Knight

p.s. A simple way to back natural law is to simply refuse to participate (there are many ways). Buying gold is a very very strong way of not participating as you are extracting money from the system and buying a tangible asset with no liability - an asset that cannot be Ponzi pyramided.

Albert Einstein: "The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - The "it's not my problem" is bullshit and needs to stop.

Growth is Promoted Through Natural Imbalances

Original Written: Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 12:42pm

If the world was perfectly round and spun on a vertical axis, it would immediately be pulled apart by natural centrifical forces. As silly or obvious as this may seem we have to think about it in the context of the Hermetic principle, "as above, so below."

How much energy is spent attempting to run people through stamp-mills - to make everyone perfect little round pegs. To conform to some Hollywood or Corporate ideal, for example? A ludicrious amount.

In corporations, executives, directors, and management are often of a similar type of personality. For anyone who has worked in this environment, you know exactly what I am referring to..those who love to hear the sound of their own voice and have cotton in their ears. How much of a Performance Review, or a Growth Plan revolves around getting someone to conform to some "template" of an individual? What purpose does this serve?

The Hermetic principle, or what I typically simply refer to as the fractal nature of life, forces us to study the principles of the universe or at the cellular level and apply whatever conclusions we can draw from one, to the other.

Whether it is modern day Montreal or the original America, we can see that success can largely be attributed to the "melting-pot" affect. The bringing together of vastly different cultures, ideas, and general creative energies that result in tremendous advances.

We have already thought about the earth spinning on a vertical axis. What about at the cellular level? When the energy level of the inside of a cell is equal to its outside environment, what is the net result? The cell is dead...

We can apply the same idea to any level of life and draw the same conclusions. As soon as we are all the same, a club, a department, a corporation, a country, whatever - is as good as dead.

Instead, we should listen, observe, and study the differences of everyone around us and try to incorporate the best of them into our everyday lives, without changing what it is that makes us unique. We shouldn't be concerned, and in fact just the opposite, about our differences. They are to be celebrated, not hidden. To be something we're not will only cause us deep rooted stress that will never go away until we are true to ourselves. Instead of pigeon-holing people, their creative energies need to be channeled in the most suitable manner.

What if the all the energies focused on making us the same were instead focused on appreciating, promoting, nurturing our differences? The very things that make us unique and special.

Thank you, Daghang salamat
The Golden Knight

Welcome to the rEvolution

Original Written: Friday, February 5, 2010 at 7:04pm

There is but a small difference between Revolution and Evolution. They really are one in the same. As soon as a people decides it is time To Be, then they R.

Capital is like water, it flows down the path of least resistance. It is why businesses and individuals have and will continue to pour money out of the U.S. and into emerging and developing markets; especially into physical assets like land, commodities, and machinery/manufacturing. The capital will flow out until the dollar levees break (fault-slip), resulting in systematic financial earthquakes that will resonate throughout the world - rendering us in a state of temporary financial limbo until a new equilibrium is reached. Once our dollar loses the reserve currency status of the world it currently enjoys, America will find it very difficult to satisfy current levels of demand for energy and goods. The systems required to support this coming environment are being created (Chinese currency swaps and the Middle Eastern oil bourse are examples of a world preparing to skirt the dollar).

Prepare ourselves: Ron Paul

We reward failure and punish success. Gains are privatized while losses are socialized. This is breaking natural order, which at the cellular level results in cancer and eventual death.

I believe that just the waste of a single American can support at least 10 people in a 3rd world country like the Philippines. I base this on my experiences in the Philippines (where the average head of household makes $3 per day) and with the debt-based operation of the American family-unit. In fact, my estimate of 10 may be conservative. The point is that huge worldwide imbalances exist that are rapidly in the process of correcting themselves. This is a natural function of a world becoming smaller and smaller through the rapidly expanding speed of light connectivity of the global brain. Resulting in more and more people identifying on a global-level as opposed to a single nation. This in turn will result in the next wave of barriers being tore-down. An increased feeling of oneness, collective intelligence, and conscious co-creation will result in a level of freedom never before known to man. It will mean the dissolving of man-made barriers intended to divide and conquer (pigeon-hole) people - this includes inter-nation laws restricting banking and mobility for example. For those unable to see or believe this, it is time to wakeup and prepare for what this means to our unsustainable ways of life. We cannot retreat to isolationism and xenophobiasm; we cannot operate in a vacuum.

The heavy-handed oppression of the invisible hand will not lift itself from the people on its own - it must be cut off. The only way this can be accomplished is by continuing to raise our collective knowledge and refusing to participate in the antiquated laws and ideas of "the clingers".

Everyone is a renter these days due to ridiculous taxation. The concept of home/land ownership is dead.

Our ability to maintain the standard of living we have become accustomed to hinges entirely on foreign demand for American dollars. A pyramid on edge, balancing on top of a mountain of paper.

* Who is our banker? China and other foreign countries. At the highest level we are slaves to an insurmountable level of debt (and therefore so are all its' citizens by inheritance), a percentage of GDP from that which no country has ever been able to recover from. The only way to to counter these forces is independant thought and action.

* Only 10% of our economy is manufacturing. That means we are dependant on foreigners, representing another form of bondage.

* Our phony grain surpluses are a result of greedy corporations like Monsanto tinkering with nature's DNA - resulting in super weeds, a false sense of security, and a reliance on unsustainable levels of productivity. Monsanto, in its attempts to play God, have created an extremely dangerous situation in our nation's food production and supply. Monsanto's response to superweed (resistant to Roundup) is that people should buy their patented Roundup + 2,4-D (illegal in many countries - it is a component of Agent Orange). Farmer's soak the ground with this stuff, which kills everything except the crop (engineered to be resistant to the chemical). So, great, this stuff doesn't kill the plant, but how much of it is passed on to US from eating the crap? Reference: "French scientist Eric Seralini says research shows Roundup herbicide is highly toxic to human beings."

Many of the raw materials required to produce what little we still manufacture ourselves come from the Sun belt (between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn). Ironically, we identify these resource-rich countries as being the poorest in the world - from the Philippines to Ghana and every place imbetween. This conclusion is drawn from the Westerner's materialistic view, and from this vantage, these people certainly do appear to be the poorest. However, this is just one view - another view of life places greater values on intangibles like happiness, family, sustainability, the environment, and spirituality. Of course all people in general value the same things, but it's the degree of weighting to each category that varies greatly. Using this as our measuring stick, you will find these countries, on the contrary, are the richest in the world.

Thank you / daghang salamat
The Golden Knight

Current JPM (Junior Precious Metals) Portfolio

Metanor MTO.V / MEAOF

Barkerville Gold Mines BGM.V / BGMZF

Sona Resources SYS.V / SREZF


Minera Andes MAI.TO / MNEAF

Rusoro Mining RML.V / RMLFF

Yamana Gold AUY / YRI.TO


Today's changes:
 * Sold Mindoro Resources MIO.V / MNODF and moved into AUY April $12 calls @ .17 and BGMZF @ .8615

First double of the year: MIO.V / MNODF +37.5%

MIO.V / MNODF +37.5%. First double of the year.  I had purchased my shares on at .10 as posted on, Facebook, and IHub.

Here is the original post (note the first target I give in the chart below, .21 - MIO.V hit .22 today).

Mindoro Resources
Philippines exploration company. Currently valued at basically 0

Yes I have sold some (and immediately redeployed into JPMs).

How about them NEM earnings? Wonder how AUY earnings will be at ~1m geo/yr (Yamana Corporate Presentation - Feb. 2010). I'm liking my AUY call options, may have to give them some rope this time.

Love all the negativity around gold.

Remember the article a few days ago from the IMF that China wasn't considered a serious buyer of its gold?  Here it is: China is Unlikely to Buy IMF’s Remaining Gold, Daily Reports , didn't take long for them to eat their words (MOPE) (as we all knew, but it still made for funny reading...amazing people would write this kind of stuff and put their name on it...and even more amazing that some believe it (again and again and a...).

Now that the market is starting to show its hand, it will have to act fast (shut the door on those dis-believers). Love the broads/$HUI well as gold/$USD. Big potential for this move IMO. As is usually the case, the big boys are leading the way - the juniors continue to just simmer. Also make note of the performance of silver versus gold...a hint that the more speculative stocks (JPMs) may soar, as the silver outperformance hints at an appetite for risk/reward.

ECU will have a new website live on Monday. They had about $1.5m in revenue January not counting lead+zinc by-product credits from the sulphide mill. They are still fine-tuning/upgrading the mills...

MDN.TO finally got their new CEO (previous Barrick, current MCI REE founder of the project MDN (2/3) is co-owner with IAG (1/3)). Speaking of IAG, quite the combination of IAG+MDN I suspect, one day. Think of where IAG + MDN assets are located...the French-Canadian-African connection!

BGM.V may pour gold soon...they have been mining for ~3 weeks.

RML.V - quiet as mice.....has a me a short-term worried regarding any asset write-downs due to the Bolivar reval. Even so, it is non-cash and any spike down in SP will likely mark "the" bottom, as the overall forces are overwhelmingly positive for the company (I know I know, nobody wants to touch Venezuela).

-The Golden Knight

Collective Intelligence and the Madness of Crowds

Original Writing From: Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 7:53pm

There is nothing more profitable than successfully misleading the crowd. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the profits but so to are the consequences of betraying the people. You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but never all the people all the time.

So how is it possible for the collective intelligence of crowds ( to turn into madness (

The wisdom of crowds requires many conditions, an important one being heterogeneous participants. This relates to something I've said in past writings that when the energy of a cell is a equal to its outside environment, it is dead; that organizations that don't embrace diversity are doomed.

I believe there is a single most important factor in whether or not the collective actions of a herd lead to them to happily jump of a cliff like lemmings, or to consciously rise together to create a better reality. The factor is cyclical and it's leadership. It's cyclical because depending upon the current state of an organization in its life cycle, leadership will inherently behave in a certain way (regardless of personal intention). In another words: divine intent trumps personal intent - regardless of time and place. A simple conclusion therefore is that destiny is the #1 factor - that is, when you were born will determine the waxing and waning of the intelligence of crowds and that the vast majority will have little choice but to be driven by whatever forces happen to be exerting dominace during that phase.

Only through the study of many fields, including history (cycles), can one overcome the natural forces - to think independantly. "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."

The madness of crowds are what turn tulips into the most expensive thing in the world, .com stocks with little more than a business plan to be worth billions, for houses to be driven up to 10x there natural value, and for the greatest asset bubble of them all --currently still in the pressure cooker--: gold, that will be driven to levels that no sane person can imagine.

It is these imbalances of life, the waxing and waning of these forces, that promote growth. People will always proclaim that the collective failure of humanity is at hand - that we have gone too far. People will always laugh at the suggestion that their monetary system could fail, albeit briefly and extremely painfully (Sample countries where fiat currency failed: Iceland, Argentina, Hungary, Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Yugoslavia, etc.). The truth in all these matters lies somewhere between all these data points: "the cumulative distribution with a normal distribution." .. and at that point, we have wisdom through madness.

Thank you, Daghang Salamat,
The Golden Knight

Durden/Ivandjiiski asks:
"Why did the Bank of England openly and flagrantly manipulate critical data? Why did it mislead the citizens of the country it was supposed to serve? And if this happened in the past, is it happening now? Is this the reason why the Federal Reserve is so opposed to exposing itself to public scrutiny and audits? If the Bank of England was engaging in outright fraud in the 1925-1931 period, why would today be any different?"
"If after reading this historical evidence of central banking treason, senators are unable to pass Ron Paul's Fed transparency act, then there has to be open social action to clean out the Senate of all those who claim that the Fed's actions are pure and true, as they are merely corrupt cronies, bought entirely by interests of the Federal Reserve, and thus Wall Street."